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Daniel Seligman is a 20-Year-Old composer, lyricist, and playwright living in New York City. Seligman studies playwriting at Marymount Manhattan College. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Seligman brought his friends and collaborators together to produce workshops of 2 of the musicals he is currently developing, including SIX-FEET FORWARD, SIX-FEET BACK, a musical starring his best friend, Ian Coursey, which he is creating under the mentorship of Nick Blaemire.  In September of 2021, Seligman began work on a new musical, titled SWEET MOTHER OF CHRIST. A short version of "SMOC" was performed as a part of Marymount Manhattan College’s half-baked play festival, and a workshop of the piece was held at Open Jar Studios in June of 2022. Seligman was raised on a blend of classic-rock and musical theatre. With inspirations from Paul McCartney to Jonathan Larson to Stephen Sondheim, Seligman attempts to create a unique sound in all of his pieces. He enjoys spending days writing in the Drama Bookshop and nights seeing new pieces of theatre. He also loves teaching, recording/editing music, and eating sushi with his girlfriend; Alexi, and his pug; Louie.  

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